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Welcome to Southampton Hospitals Charity

Southampton Hospitals Charity helps to enhance the care and treatment of patients at University Hospital Southampton. We work with our supporters to raise money and provide financial support to areas of the hospital service that lie beyond the scope of NHS funding.


Support one of our Urgent Appeals

Working in an Intensive Care Unit is precisely that – intense. Help us to give our amazing NHS heroes room to do what they do best. 1400 metres of space to care will give our team the chance to be everything it can be, and do even more incredible things.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every department and staff member at University Hospital Southampton like never before. And we’re immensely proud of how our colleagues have gone above and beyond every day since the outbreak began, to save lives.

But we need your help to continue to provide support for our staff and patients.

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Our impact

Because healthcare never stops

At Southampton Hospitals Charity, we bring people together to raise life-changing funds for University Hospital Southampton – the South Coast’s leading healthcare provider.

Together, we’re doing incredible things. From supporting people’s eye health to expert cancer treatment, our care changes lives.

Like you, we want our community to thrive. So if you share our vision, we need your support to bring it to life.

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Here’s what’s happening

Whether you’re looking for a fundraising challenge that will push you to the limit, transform the way you see the world, or give you an excuse to let your hair down, get in touch and we’ll find your match!

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Our testimonials


Having parents that are now classified as vulnerable, and knowing there is support if they need it, is exactly the type of comfort you need during times like these. Huge thanks to the awesome front line and support NHS staff who, as always, are present and delivering excellence. Thank you!

Stewart Bruce-Low

It's really hard to find the words to say thank you. I've been on the other side of the fence all my life helping patients. To actually experience staff first-hand going above and beyond, it is something else!

Mother and NHS Consultant

I’ve been battling Hodgkin’s Lymphomas for four years. When my cancer became more complicated, I was referred to University Hospital Southampton for specialist care. I have so much respect and praise for the NHS. Thank you.

Charlotte Ralph

Ways to help us

Leaving a legacy

Your legacy can save lives. So after you’ve looked after loved ones, consider leaving us what’s left.

It’s simple to do, and gifts big and small will benefit future generations of families and patients.

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